Children's Dentistry in Elgin, IL

Smiling Child | Elgin IL Children's DentistryThe dental and emotional needs of young children are very different from those of adults. At Won Sung, DDS, our team respects your child’s unique personality, and we have the compassion and expertise necessary to provide them with the gentle support they need. Our goals are to build a foundation of trust with our youngest patients and educate parents and caregivers – a combination that leads to the best possible results for kids.

We’re dedicated to the long-term oral health of your child. We want him or her to get involved and excited about caring for their teeth so that positive feelings about their dental experiences stay with them into adulthood. We'll approach your child with the same care and compassion that we would expect someone to show our own children.

Dr. Sung has extensive experience in treating little kids. As a father of two young daughters, he understands how important patience is when approaching children. During your child's first visit, he’ll help them get used to the new environment by playing "show and tell" with some of our tools and equipment. They'll get a ride in the dental chair, and we'll count their teeth, making their visit a fun adventure. Dr. Sung and our team will take all the time needed to be certain that your child doesn’t get overwhelmed during their time with us.

Preventative Pediatric Dental Services

We recommend that your child be seen for a comprehensive exam as soon as baby teeth start to appear, but no later than age one. One of the best things we can do for your child is to take steps to prevent decay and teach them how to remain cavity free for life. 

Girl Smiling while sitting on grass | Dentist Elgin ILOur preventative services include regular exams and cleanings, as well as an application of sealants and topical fluoride. As parents, you also play a very important part in our preventative efforts. We’ll talk to you about the special things you can do at home to help. Your understanding, interest, and motivation will be a positive factor in reducing the risk of dental disease for your child.

We believe that, with parental help, dental disease is highly preventable. Preventing dental disease is less traumatic, less costly, and more rewarding for everyone – especially children.

Early Treatment for Dental Problems

Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and if they do, we’re here to gently treat the problems and work to prevent new ones from happening. We offer a variety of other services for your child that include fillings, crowns, extractions, and endodontic treatment.

Protecting baby teeth is important because even though they eventually will be lost, they have an important job to do – they hold a space for permanent teeth to erupt properly. Caring for permanent teeth is equally important because you want your child to have healthy teeth that last a lifetime. Whatever problems may occur, Dr. Sung will talk to you about all your options and work with you to come up with a plan to restore your child’s oral health.

We are not in-network with any insurance but are always happy to file all claims. We are also pleased to offer a Dental Savings Plan that provides free basic cleanings and exams as well as discounts on dental procedures.

We Look Forward to Meeting Your Child!

Our entire team would love to welcome you and your child to our Elgin dental family. Please contact our office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient appointment for you and your child to stop by for a visit and meet our team.