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Gum Disease Treatment in Elgin, IL

The periodontium, or tissue surrounding your teeth, is just as vital as your teeth. This tissue holds your teeth in place and is crucial for a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, gum disease is a major problem in the United States. Other than trauma, gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss.

Gum disease is also insidious. The problem rarely produces severe symptoms right away. Instead, it creeps in and slowly worsens over time. Also, gum disease has consequences beyond your mouth and has been tied to complications with diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Our team always checks each patient for obvious and not-so-obvious signs of gum disease. If we detect a problem, we have a range of treatments available. These include scaling and root planing, better known as deep cleaning, as well as antibiotic treatments.

Have you noticed bleeding, sore, or swollen gums? Don’t wait until your next cleaning. Call us right away at (847) 741-4347.