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Clear Braces in Elgin, IL

Many patients believe their smiles will require metal braces for correction. You may be surprised to learn that Invisalign, transparent aligners, can resolve many orthodontic issues. In fact, these aligners don’t just straighten crooked teeth. They can also help with poor teeth spacing, overbites, underbites, and other problems.

Traditional metal braces, while sometimes necessary, have many drawbacks. They are noticeable, occasionally uncomfortable, get in the way during brushing and flossing, and limit your food choices. Invisalign eliminates these issues. The aligners are completely clear, contain no metal, and are removable for snacks, meals, and dental care.

Unsurprisingly, most adults and adolescents prefer Invisalign to metal braces. To get started, simply call Won Sung, DDS, LLC at (847) 741-4347. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation for you or your child.