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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Emergency Dentistry

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Patient education is an essential part of the services we provide at Won Sung, DDS. We've found that patients who understand the positive impact that good oral health can have on their lives are more likely to be proactive about dental care. 

We know you have access to lots of information, but we certainly don't expect you to be an expert about dentistry or find answers to all your own questions. The more information you have, the better prepared you are to make important decisions when the time comes. We've listed a few frequently asked questions here, but you are more than welcome to contact our office if you don't see your question answered or you want more information

Emergency Dentistry

Calendar with illustrated hand pointing to date | Elgin IL DentistYes, we do. Our schedule is normally pre-booked, but we do our best to accommodate same-day appointments whenever possible.    
Even if we are fully booked, we will try to squeeze you in if immediate attention is required. We are really good at that!


Illustration of tooth next to first aid kit | Dentist Elgin ILIn case of a dental emergency, feel free to call our office at (847) 741-4347. During normal office hours, we will do our best to get you in to see Dr. Sung right away. After office hours, our voicemail will guide you on what to do. You will most likely get Dr. Sung’s mobile number. Please leave your name and phone number, and Dr. Sung usually gets back to you within a few minutes. Even if you experience a dental emergency on weekend, Dr. Sung will be more than happy to come to the office to take care of your concern.       

If you experience any symptoms such as cold and hot sensitivity, pain upon biting and chewing, or constant aching and throbbing, pick up the phone and call Dr. Sung’s office right away. Even if you don’t experience any pain, when in doubt, please call Dr. Sung’s office.   

Man holding jaw in pain | Elgin IL DentistA broken tooth normally requires a crown or a large filling or in more serious cases, an endodontic treatment (Root Canal Therapy) or a tooth extraction. There is no need to panic. Dr. Sung is highly skilled in treating such cases. Until you see Dr. Sung, try not to aggravate the condition by avoiding chewing on the affected side. Also avoid anything that’s too hot and cold, acidic and sweet. Do not delay to get an appointment. A once salvageable tooth may not be saved if too much time has passed.         

Our office is closed to non-emergency dental care to curb the spread of COVID-19 and alleviate the burden on hospital and emergency departments.

However, we are available to treat dental emergencies.  According to the American Dental Association, urgent dental care treatments include:

  • Severe dental pain from pulpal inflammation (dental nerve pain such as cold or hot sensitivity)
  • Pericoronitis or third-molar pain (wisdom teeth pain and gum swelling)
  • Abscess resulting in localized pain and swelling (dental infection)
  • Tooth fracture
  • Dental trauma
  • Lost crowns or bridges or fillings

If your problem is not listed above, feel free to contact our office to discuss your specific situation.  Once you call our office at 847-741-4347, you will be provided with Dr. Sung's direct number to call.   


Root canal diagram | Dentist Elgin ILIt’s common to experience some sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet, and pressure from chewing. When the sensitivity becomes more intense (like sharp pain), lingering, and continuous, it means the nerve in your tooth is very inflamed and infected.

This is called irreversible pulpitis, and we need to perform a root canal to eliminate the pain. Without treatment, the pain will continue and increase, and we may need to remove the tooth to provide relief.

When the pulp inside the tooth is infected, a root canal is necessary. During the procedure, Dr. Sung gently clears away any damaged tissue, then carefully cleans and seals the tooth. We may just need to fill the tooth after root canal treatment, but in most cases, we’ll recommend a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth.

Comfortable Root Canals

We make every effort to keep you comfortable during your root canal. Aside from our gentle approach, we offer mild nitrous oxide sedation to help keep you calm during your procedure. Nitrous oxide doesn’t produce any lingering after-effects, so you’ll be able to resume your normal activities, and you won’t need a designated driver.

If you’re in pain or suspect you may need a root canal, please contact our Elgin office as soon as possible. The sooner we get you in for treatment, the sooner we can help you get relief.

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