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The Ultimate Solution to Tooth Loss in Elgin

Missing teeth need to be replaced, not just for aesthetic reasons but for your oral health. When you lose a tooth, your other teeth may shift out of their proper position. You can even suffer from bone loss.

In the past, patients were limited to bridges or dentures for tooth replacement. However, you have another choice today – dental implants. Implants are inserted into the bone beneath your teeth during oral surgery. The implant eventually integrates with this bone, creating a stable and secure anchor for a restoration, such as a crown or implant-retained dentures.

With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about dentures slipping or an unnatural-appearing bridge. Plus, Dr. Sung places implants AND provides implant restorations at his Elgin, IL office.

It takes specialized training and experience to provide dental implants to patients. You can trust our team always to deliver outstanding care. For questions or consultations, please call our office at (847) 741-4347.