Visit Our Comfortable Office in Elgin, IL

Family Friendly Dental Office in South Elgin, ILA dental practice should be a place of comfort and relaxation rather than stress and anxiety. We work towards this goal by providing a convenient, welcoming, and comfortable location.

We are located in Summit Green Medical Condominium on Summit Street in Elgin. There is plenty of free parking adjacent to the building, and we are handicapped accessible. We are open well into the evening on Mondays and Tuesdays for your convenience.

Our office is always clean and sterile for your health. We use both water and air filtration as part of our infection control plan. Additionally, we employ digital x-rays that expose our patients to much less radiation than standard x-rays.

We understand that many patients worry about discomfort during dental treatment, and we take measures to manage this. For example, Dr. Sung uses a topical numbing gel before anesthetic injections. He has also found that the “cheek shake” technique can be extremely useful for pain mitigation as it provides the brain with an effective distraction. Of course, if you need anything to make your visit more pleasant, please ask.

For appointments, please call us at (847) 741-4347.